July 2024

RABA ("sneaker" in Swahili) is a new footwear brand homaging African wisdom and creativity. It uses woven textiles from all across continent. It is an infusion of African heritage into the modern lifestyle of the diaspora. 

July 2024

For freestyle rap giant Harry Mack we created a dynamic identity which can morph into different styles over time. Inspired by the old school hip hop attitude and merging new school design elements, the identity embodies a strong artistic feel through all of its applications.

November 2023

To celebrate and commemorate Harry Mack's iconic Omegle Bars, we designed a special collection consisting of a double LP vinyl, CD, t-shirt and a book, featuring the top 100 lyrics. This drop also introduces the new Harry Mack identity, but more of that later.  

October 2023

Netflix Bites is a pop-up dining experience in Los Angeles bringing together world-renowned chefs you've seen on Netflix and providing a "screen to table" experience for the fans. We worked with Netflix to create the visual identity of the pop-up and launch campaign.

July 2023

A journey of physical and mental mind expansion, the Harry Mack Odyssey Tour identity.

June 2023

In the spirit of unpredictable with a touch of mischief the Carte Blanche branding plays with design principles of playing cards.

September 2022

To feel good and to do good was the strategic approach for the online bank Good Money. Spark the goodness in people. 

May 2022

For Nike Future Movement we created a critical analysis which was the basis to build the positioning for the NIKE Future Movement pillar which determined the behavior and action within. Resulting into a design system supporting the ideology of support and expansion.

May 2022

For the capsule collaboration by Ghetto Gastro x Beats by Dre, we created the identity, product design, packaging, drop strategy and roll-out. The strategy was “Sound of Resistance” with parts of the proceeds being donated to Black organic farmers.

May 2022

For Ghetto Gastro's food product pillar, we created WAVY, a half breakfast brand and half lifestyle brand. Poppy, loud, fun and blue, unexpected flavors for an unexpected brand.

March 2021

A complete brand positioning by shifting focus to the community and culture and enhancing the product and shop experience. For the whole experience visit www.thebkcircus.com.

February 2021

Japanese chef knifes by Ghetto Gastro crafted with African ebony and Japanese steel. The branding takes mystical reference to the Yoruba orisha spirit OGÛN the 'God of Iron'.

December 2020

Love is the New Gangster. Love Renaissance.

Re-Branding Atlanta’s iconic R’n’B record label Love Renaissance where Harlem Renaissance meets Afrofuturism. From brand strategy to a new wordmark, refined heart logo and a whole new look.

new_studio_ig_ironworks24 7


The Bronx Machinery. Ghetto Gastro's Ogun Ironworks.

Identity and store concept for Ghetto Gastro MFG showroom in the Bronx, exhibiting GG's newest products, collaborations and projects.