Ghetto Gastro
May 2022

Black Power Kitchen By Ghetto Gastro
Book Design, 2022

To commemorate Ghetto Gastro's 10th anniversary we designed together with Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, Lester Walker and Osayi Endolyn their first 304 page hardbound book which houses 75 recipes, interviews, 110 art pieces and plenty of insides to the making of Ghetto Gastro. Published By Artisan Books.


Art Direction
Editorial Design
Photography Direction


Axel Peemoeller - Creative Direction, Food Photography Direction
Rita Matos - Art Direction, Design
Jon Gray - Author, Creative Direction
Pierre Serrao - Author, Creative Direction
Lester Walker - Author, Creative Direction
Osayi Endolyn - Co-Autor
Nayquan Shuler - Food Photography
Joshua Woods - Lifestyle Photography