Netflix Bites Brand ID
September 2023

Netflix Bites Pop Up Restaurant
Dining Experience Visual Identity, 2023

Netflix Bites is a pop-up dining experience in Los Angeles bringing together world-renowned chefs you've seen on Netflix and providing a "Screen to Table" experience for the fans. We worked with Netflix to create the visual identity, photo and video production, restaurant materials and digital and OOH launch campaign.


Visual Identity
Photography / Videography Production


Axel Peemoeller - Creative Direction, Design
Rita Matos - Creative Direction, Design
Pedro Meireis - Design, Animation
Debbie Liu - Production
Gio Barba - Production Assistant
Celeste Li - Client, Project Management
Isis Arias - Client, Project Management
Malcolm McNeil - Photo + Director
Jessup Deane - Lighting + Tech
Raheem Stanley - Videography
Marz, Andrea Ventura, Katherine Rutledge - Talent
Janae Haynes - Food Styling
Taylor Kim - Wardrobe Stylist
Akina Shimizu - Makeup
Masami Hosono - Hair
199X Casting / Phoebe Pritchett - Casting 
William Schultz - Video Colorist