Harry Mack OB100
November 2023

Harry Mack - OB100
Visual Identity, 2023

To celebrate and commemorate Harry Mack's iconic Omegle Bars, we designed a special collection consisting of a double LP vinyl, CD, t-shirt and a book, featuring the top 100 lyrics. This drop also introduces the new Harry Mack identity, but more of that later.  


Visual Identity
Editorial Design


Axel Peemoeller - Creative Direction, Design, Photography, Illustration
Rita Matos - Creative Direction, Design, Photography, Illustration
Bruno Rodrigues - Design
Pedro Meireis - Animation, Illustration

Book Credits

Harry Mack - Lyrics
Lisa Santacroce - Project Manager
Jordana Boydstun Wright - Copy Editor, Transcriptions
Kaan Erel - Song Curation, Co-Copy Editor
Theresa Quinn - Editorial Support