Nike Future Movement
May 2022

NIKE Future Movement
Branding, 2021

With NIKE global we embarked on the branding of Nike's progressive new platform: NIKE Future Movement. Nike FM houses all community based initiatives from Nike, acting as a channel for programs such as Be True, La Familia, N7, We Are Born Ready, among others.

NIKE FM supports and amplifies the actions taken by the individual communities. These community initiatives and actions live together under the NIKE Future Movement umbrella to unite the global communities and to reach global exposure and systemic change through a sports perspective.

When we are talking "platform" we don't just mean a website that houses content. "Platform" is like an organization that actively gives support to the communities. We are talking about change, we are talking about breaking the systems and building new ones, we are talking about systemic sustainability and equality. We are talking about awareness and respect. A Movement.

But how do you brand community activism? We went back to the most basic step for starting a movement: spreading and propagating information. We took reference on traditional media broadcast formats and layouts, such as zines, newspapers and printed matter, from there we broke it up into a consistent but mutable and adaptable design system.

The NIKE Future Movement identity is a strong and recognizable brand which allows the individual community identities to shine within. It acts as an authenticator and as vehicle for the unique message of each of its communities.

New Studio created a critical analysis which was the basis to build the positioning for the NIKE Future Movement pillar which determined the behavior and action within. Resulting into a design system supporting the ideology of support and expansion.


Brand Strategy + Positioning
Brand Hierarchy
Visual Identity
Photo-, Video Art Direction
Motion Graphics
Marketing Materials
Social Media Strategy + Assets


Axel Peemoeller - Strategy and Creative Direction
Olu Alege - Strategy
Rita Matos - Art Direction, Design

Bruno Rodrigues - Design, Type Design
Minhwan Kim - Design
Dimitris Papazoglou - Design
Diego Gil de Biedma - Motion Graphics


Formula by Pangram.Pangram

Nike for years has been known to be all about winning. It’s about results and no excuses. Hit that last-minute shot, score that game-winning drive, make that 90min penalty goal. It doesn’t matter how you get there, but just breakthrough and get there. Just Do IT.

Unfortunately, the playing field is not leveled. There are huge problems and inequality existing in these spaces and communities. How can one trust a company’s word when history has veered its ugly head, time and time again? At what point does culture become respected rather than a means for commerce? How can Nike give back to communities from which they extract culture? The same culture that has been used as therapy for people to exist is now being used as a form of capitalism. Most people from all communities understand business, but at what point does business meet ethics and responsibility? Brands do not create culture. People do. It is the responsibility of Nike to give back to the communities.

NIKE Future Movement is a community platform for change. Giving communities a voice and enabling change through action. Using the Nike global exposure, resources and influence.

Meaning of the Logo


The logo concept is based on two principle ideas “inclusivity” and “propagation”. Inclusivity means that the individual communities are being seen and heard and therefore represented, for which the parentheses symbolically stand for. Propagation is the concept of one thing influencing the other which then influences the next and so on. It’s the spreading and expansion of something (eg a plant, an idea or information). This is included by the radiating shapes of the parentheses. 

What does Action mean? Representation and championing leaders/athletes are not enough. There must be a concentrated effort in supporting these communities. The future cannot be imagined if the present is not addressed. The people build action driven programs. Nike Future Movement supports and amplifies these programs and their communities.