National Library of Greece
November 2017 - 2018

National Library of Greece, Branding 2017 - 2018

Established in 1832, the National Library of Greece (NLG) is the custodian and steward of Greece’s intellectual heritage.

In 2018, the library transitioned into a new home within the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), designed by Renzo Piano. This transition marked a turning point for the library in becoming a cultural center, engaged in dialogue with its community of students, researchers and the general public, and an intersection for people to meet, educate, and exchange ideas.

From the strategy we approached the project by asking ourselves “What is the future of libraries in an increasingly digital and global environment?” We concluded that a library needs to be a dynamic, inspiring and engaging place. A place which fosters creative thinking, reasoning and innovation. It has to be flexible — plugged into the zeitgeist of our time, understanding of past realities, and acutely aware of the potential of the future.

Furthermore, the library is a liminal space, constantly transitioning between past and future, classic and modern, national and global. This philosophy directed our design approach for the rebranding, as we developed a dynamic and lively design system to accommodate the flexibility of the NLG's wide programming, while maintaining the sophistication of the institution’s core values. 


Brand Strategy
Brand Consultant
Creative Direction
Editorial Design


Dimitris Papazoglou - Creative and Art Direction
Axel Peemoeller - Creative and Art Direction
Yiorgos Triantafyllakos - Art Direction
Yiorgos D. Matthiopoulos - Art Direction