XXIII Music Events
December 2018

        Photo: Pedro Mkk

XXIII Music Collective Identity, 2017 - present

XXIII is an underground music collective based in Porto that promotes fresh electronic sounds and Portuguese creativity. It was founded in 2015 by Kika (aka NOIA) and Tiago (aka Torres) — two part-time DJs themselves. It’s a platform rooted in urban culture that stands for equality, diversity and knows how to mix young talent as keenly as they mix beats.

The first move was to dress the parties with a new visual identity. It was meant to be bold and representative of XXIII’s boundary-pushing spirit. To achieve a more cohesive and holistic approach the graphic mood was always inspired by the first thing made: the teaser video.

Communicating parties can be a lot more than just doing a great poster and facebook cover. For 2018, we started approaching the events with a campaign perspective. Taking advantage of social media, we introduced new animated formats to deliver more personalized content, like detailed info on the djs performing.

With time, the role with XXIII became more than just doing design materials. As as team, we’re working together to think of new ideas to grow XXIII as a brand and as a community. 


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Poster Design


Rita Matos

After party Video. Video Credits: Expanding Roots