Love Renaissance Branding
December 2020

Love Renaissance
Strategy and Branding, 2020

Atlanta R’n’B record label Love Renaissance (LVRN) sets out to shake up the music industry. Under the motto "Love is the new Gangster” they are charting new territory on how to manage artists by eg introducing a mental health care program for artists. To re-define LVRN branding we looked into their core values, LOVE and RENAISSANCE: The LVRN brand stands for out-of-the-box thinking, progressive visuals, rebellious new ways of doing things, and keeping at heart to spread love, unity and support for the community. With that in mind we created a custom wordmark and acronym which leans to the romantic Renaissance era. In addition we did a minor touch up of their heart logo to keep brand consistency. Combined we created their new brand identity.


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity


Axel Peemoeller - Creative Direction
Rita Matos - Art Direction, Design
Bruno Rodrigues - Type Design