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December 2018

Suited Magazine, 2016 - 2018

Suited is an independent biannual magazine that focuses on how identity, creativity, global impact, and politics intersect with culture, fashion, design, music and art.


Art Direction
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Axel Peemoeller - Art Direction
Jess Zhang - Designer
Ashley Owns - Editor in Chief/Creative Director
Libby Peterson - Deputy Editor
Mariana Nannarone - Copy Editor
Sydney Oberfeld - Managing Editor
Annika Vogt - Art Editor
Matthew Ismael Ruiz - Music Editor










Issue No. 5, 2017

Portraits resilient people who have dedicated their lives to their individual causes.

Incremental change is hard to measure in the moment; it’s only later when history exposes the true heroes of the past. Through the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks, it is those who are relentless in fighting for what they believe in that pave the way forward.

Educator and activist Jane Elliott is no stranger to the marathon, to exhaustion, to gaining and losing ground. Since the 1960s, Elliott has been fearlessly challenging an unbalanced society. “You must question and you must protest,” she insists. Amidst the “dangerous times” Elliott says we live in, her work and resilience remind us that we cannot lose sight of the finish line. And that, we will not.

Issue No. 6, 2018

Titled Visionaries, is about individuals who envision and define the future by pushing limits.

An ancient Japanese proverb says, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” This issue spotlights visionaries who have turned imagination into something tangible, a communal, transferable perspective that impacts the community. They are in every industry and in every circle, from Nobel Peace Prize nominee Amanda Nguyen and epochal creative force Daphne Guinness to leading political voices Adebola Williams, Sara El-Amine and Van Jones. The future belongs to those who envision it.

Issue No. 7, 2018

As technology continues to evolve, education is close behind, taking full advantage of the developments that lead to outstanding breakthroughs. Through the internet, social platforms, VR, AR, and MR, we have a plethora of tools at our disposal, but our world can only progress if we listen to each other, empower one another, and fight for universal access to information.

For our cover, Justin French photographed Kelela, an Ethiopian-American singer who communicates through her music and opens the door for others to answer with their own creations. Coming from an underground club music culture, her sound is equal parts dance and R&B. An organic heart with digital armor, she chooses her collaborators carefully. It’s her dedication to her craft that allows her to zero in on her discoveries, yet see the power in sharing knowledge with her peers.