March 2021

A complete brand positioning by shifting focus to the community and culture and enhancing the product and shop experience. For the whole experience visit

February 2021

Japanese chef knifes by Ghetto Gastro crafted with African ebony and Japanese steel. The branding takes mystical reference to the Yoruba orisha spirit OGÛN the 'God of Iron'.

December 2020

Love is the New Gangster – LVRN Re-Branding.

Re-Branding Atlanta’s iconic R’n’B record label Love Renaissance where Harlem Renaissance meets Afrofuturism. From brand strategy to a new wordmark, refined heart logo and a whole new look.

September 2020

Merging Two Icons. CRUXGG.

In collaboration with Crux Kitchen and Ghetto Gastro we created a new kitchen appliances brand called CRUXGG.With love bringing flavor to your kitchen counters from the Bronx to the world.

September 2020

PAOK FC Champions S18-19

In celebration of winning the Greek Football Championship S18-19, we created the video content displayed in the PAOK stadium on the day PAOK became champions.

July 2020

The Anthropology of Hair. Infringe Magazine.

Entering a new era for Infringe Magazine we revamped their visual identity and created their online platform. Infringe Magazine is the cult platform for hair enthusiasts and hair culture. 

New Studio Dimitria Festival Visual Identity Design

July 2020

Flooding the Streets with Arts and Culture.
52D Dimitria Festival Visual Identity.

The popular Dimitria Festival is organised and overseen by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The innovative program is sensitive to artistic and social issues including drama, music, literary events, visual art events, street happenings, exhibitions and workshops. The festival became an institution for the City of Thessaloniki.


July 2020

Still in Motion. 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF) Visual Identity.

A city wide festival roll-out with events, screening, publications, digital platform, promotional material to celebrate Greeks filmmakers, producers and directors.

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The Bronx Machinery. Ghetto Gastro's Ogun Ironworks.

Identity and store concept for Ghetto Gastro MFG showroom in the Bronx, exhibiting GG's newest products, collaborations and projects.

March 2019

Industrially Modern, Exquisitely made.
Argosy Product Division.

Mix a bit of Bauhaus with some Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier add a bit of industrial brutalism and love for fine machining and out comes APD, a Brooklyn based furniture maker who we assist in their brand strategy and identity.

A 736 Page Celebration.
PAOK FC Special Edition.

Toumba Issue No.11 is a 736 pages special edition, designed on the occasion of PAOK FC triumphant Greek Cup 2018 Win. In the first section of the book we relive the road to the GC 2018 final together with a detailed photo story of the final itself. The second part is about the ongoing 2018–19 season.

December 2018

Art, Fashion and Culture.
Editorial Art Direction for Suited Magazine

Suited Magazine’s biannual publication portrays people and their passions, merges photography with art, discusses music and fashion, and opens conversation surrounding critical social topics of gender, environment, ethnicity and more.

December 2018

A New Architectural Icon.
Morpheus Hotel in Macau, China

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the luxurious Morpheus Hotel is part of the COD entertainment complex. The hotel’s strong architectural concepts of light and fluidity were translated to a contemporary luxury branding, which ranged from extensive brand collateral to the construction of signage and wayfinding, through to digital application aesthetic, function and crossover.

December 2018

The Future of a Library.
Rebranding the National Library of Greece

New Studio developed both a strategic and visual rebranding for the National Library of Greece to facilitate its transition into Renzo Piano’s newly built Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.