SpaceBirth 2
December 2019


A psychedelic, sci-fi, feature film

December the 21st will go down in history as the day that a new light started to shine in the world of cinema. On the 21st Marius Jopen’s, Richard Keith’s and Audrey Belaud’s illuminating imaginations will have produced new beauty in this world. After thirteen months of tireless work, their debut movie, their vision made manifest, SPACEBIRTH 2, premiers at Babylon. 

A lone cosmonaut traversing through the expansive emptiness of space. Floating in nothingness when the cosmic tides bring him a donut. The cosmonaut and the donut engage in a psychological struggle, a lustful dance on the edge of sanity and space. 

Self-financed, revolutionary, radically innovative and aesthetically superb, this movie is bound to become a classic. A sci-fi film Werner Herzog would enjoy.

Length: 1:55h
Sound: Surround 5.1
DE (German production)
A film by Marius Jopen, Richard Keith & Audrey Belaud starring Marcello